The DeBug Platinum Beach Wheelchair

debug2The DeBug Beach Wheelchair:

Offering Versatility and Custom Features

  • Castering Rear Wheels of this chair allow you to maneuver easily on the beach as well as enjoy the boardwalks and bike paths of Hilton Head.
  • Customize Your Beach Wheelchair by adding a Head and Neck Support, Lateral Supports, and/or Chest Strap.
  • Swing Away Armrests allow for increased ease with lateral transfers.
  • The Seating System of the DeBug beach wheelchair allows the user to sit at a comfortable angle while footrests provide proper foot support.
  • Articulating Rear Suspension allows all four wheels to remain in contact with the ground when going across the beach and uneven terrain. This improves the comfort and ride stability of the chair.
  • The Chair Width is approximately 33.5 inches and can access 36 inch doorways.
  • Weight Capacity of 350 lbs.


All of our Beach Wheelchairs are equipped with polyurethane balloon wheels. These specialized tires roll easily over the soft packed sand of Hilton Head’s beautiful beaches.